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Jason Cortez is an established advanced athlete with competitive finishes in Spartan, DEKA events, as well as in the Garage Games, and Concept 2 ERG Competitions. Jason’s charismatic yet commanding style of coaching as a seasoned Group Fitness Instructor serves to motivate athletes of all levels through the most brutal and challenging workouts you can possibly find. As our Tuesday morning leg strength training and cardio trainer as well as exclusive Boxing Fitness Class Instructor Friday evenings, Jason puts everything he has into giving his class an unforgettable training experience. If you are into tough conditioning, improving your hand-eye coordination and want to try a boxing class or one of his punishing leg days while getting stronger all in the same workout, then come spend an hour

of your time with Jason, and he will take you to the next level.


A dedicated husband, very involved father of 3, and extremely busy Vice President of his company, he typically works massive amounts of hours each week, yet never allows his insane schedule to be a crutch for not training. He also loves basketball, Spartan racing, training with Morgan at 5am weekdays, and full body strength training.

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