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Morgan McGrath is truly an elite athlete, with so many wins, World Championship performances, and even World Records it’s mind-blowing and even a bit overwhelming to try to list everything ! She first began rowing in 2016 & by 2017 she competed in the 2017 World Games held in Wroclaw, Poland for the 500m sprint and took home 10th place overall and 1 st place North American (US,Canada, Mexico). From there she’s gone on to win or place in so many

international competitions it’s staggering. But she also now trains & competes on many ERG machines such as bike and ski and holds 11 world records (out of 13 recorded) in the ski ERG.


But perhaps the only thing more impressive about Morgan is her positive & enthusiastic support for others. There’s never a day she isn’t helping or supporting others in their training. Beyond that, she is an expert technical coach who can take a beginner or average rower and ERG athlete to the next level & so much further than they ever thought they could go. Her side-by-side style training style builds confidence in even the most unknowledgeable of beginners.

She is super positive, even at the early hours of 4 or 5 in the morning, so if you are looking for some expert Rowing, Bike ERG, or Ski ERG instruction before the sun comes up in the morning, she is a guarantee for improving your personal bests, and making you more competitive in the most challenging of endurance events.

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