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Our clients have achieved so much transformational progress. Through hard work and dedication with the guidance of our workout plans at the gym, they have made such a vital lifestyle change. We'd like to share some testimonials and before & afters below!



Brian Before1(1).jpg
Brian Before(1).jpg

"Warrior Fitness is hands down the best gym and training program that I have ever been lucky enough to participate in. Paul is a world-class trainer who brings an unbelievable amount to the table when training his clients, it’s a serious training that produces real results. Although the workouts are inherently difficult, Paul customizes the exercises for each member, ensuring that you do not need to be fit or in shape to start. Just show up, work hard, and Paul will make the workouts more challenging as you progress.  Lastly, the atmosphere at Warrior Fitness is simply unmatched; it’s a motivated family of athletes who want to see each other reach their goals. There is no need to be intimidated, simply show up and be ready to push yourself further than you thought possible. I honestly love this gym and cannot thank Paul enough for bringing this caliber of training to Fresno."



This program is truly transformational as Paul’s workouts and nutrition plans are designed to give you positive results. Since I started training with him, I’ve made a major health transformation and am the healthiest I’ve been in decades.  Paul’s mission also is to help you develop mental toughness to help you believe that you are capable of so much more than you think. When I started, Paul had more confidence in me than I had in myself, and he's helped me get to the point where I can reset my limits. 

Yessenia before.jpg
Yessenai current.jpg


"Paul’s workouts were the most intense ever – but I loved them.  He always believed in me, pushed me, encouraged me, and educated me as to why and how to do things. As a result I lost 73-lbs and got in the best shape of my life" 

-Yessenia, 32

Mom of 3

8-jason before.JPG
8-Jason after.JPG


If you want the very best, Paul Watson and Warrior Fitness are it.  There isn’t even a close second.  

13 - Brian.jpg


Training for the Air Force special ops requires a great deal of planning and know how. I came to Paul seeking this sort of an elite trainer. Thanks to him and our dedication this became a reality.

1 - Anissa race.jpg
4 -Anissa 2019.jpg


I’m grateful to Paul and Warrior Fitness, without him I’d never have the same love or success I’ve had for this sport and this awesome community.

Winner of multiple 1st place age-group races, now racing elite.


5 Sam.jpg

LT, Navy SEAL Team
BUDs Honor Graduate (top physical achievement award)
Class # non-disclosed

I began training with Paul as a civilian a few years ago in pursuit of the Navy SEAL Officer Selection Program (the goal itself is quite incredible as selection includes just 15 of the highest caliber men from across the country each year).  And I was over the age limit of 28 needing an age waiver, something even more rare and essentially next to a million in one shot.  We trained under his Remote Training program and stayed in contact every day. Paul's methodology, constant evaluation of my results, combined with his attention to detail was nothing short of incredible.   The training was well-planned and incredibly intense and it worked as I got selected.  But that’s still only part of the story.  Not only did his training prepared me for successfully completely the rigors of BUDs (the elite military school for Navy SEAL training) – but I graduated at the top of my class.


6 - Ryan before.jpg
6 - ryan after 2.JPG

Starting a fitness journey can be intimidating. I started with a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, like most people do. And, like most people, I had a goal but didn’t know where to start. That’s when I met Paul Watson. I remember the day, Jan 1st ; I was 270lbs and in just over 11 months ended up about 170 (currently 180 now). Training with Paul was never easy.  But it can be done. His comprehensive and effective workouts push you to see passed your limits and instill a mindset to run faster, push harder, and believe in yourself. My results speak for themselves. Paul motivates you to see your potential, reach it, and go even further.  I definitely recommend anyone to train with Paul and Warrior Fitness.

7 Hannah.png


Training to become a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, I was an accomplished college swimmer however I was still struggling to be able to do pullups.  That’s when I met Paul and he confidently assured me he’d have me doing pullups in just a matter of months.  His workouts were by far the most brutal I’ve ever done in my life but were also so much fun and the Warrior Fitness family is amazing.   Just the whole experience just taught me to be tougher, work harder and push further than ever thought possible. Currently many of my workouts will include dozens of pullups in a day.



I’m a wife, mom of 2, and work full time as an RN.  I started my journey training for Spartan races and six months into it I knew I had to step up my training. Luckily, this is when I met Paul Watson and found Warrior Fitness. From the moment I walked into this gym, I knew it was something special.  Paul is so welcoming & helpful.  My personal experience is I came in with physical limitations from previous injuries. Paul worked around all these injuries.  Warrior Fitness has been filled with challenging training sessions ending in hard earned sweat with the most inspirational people I’ve seen that motivated me every time I stepped foot in the door. Being at Warrior Fitness has helped prepare me to achieve my goal:  the “Spartan SoCal Beast” (12 miles with 31 obstacles), the final road to my 1st Trifecta.

10 - Jimmy Fassino.jpg


3 Time Championship Cup Series National Champion

If you're going to go out and race motorcycles at 180mph against guys nearly half your age, you better be in the best shape of your life. Paul got me there and kept me there. One of the main reasons I was able to be successful was the conditioning program.  The results speak for themselves.

2019-08-26 15_02_16-Google Search2.png
2019-08-26 15_15_01-Google Search.png


"This program is truly transformational as Paul’s workouts and nutrition plans are designed to give you positive results. Since I started training with him, I’ve made a massive health transformation and am the healthiest I’ve been in decades.  Paul’s mission also is to help you develop mental toughness to help you believe that you are capable of so much more than you think. When I started, Paul had more confidence in me than I had in myself, and he's helped me get to the point where I can reset my limits."  

11 - Greg.jpg


I met Paul at Vons a couple years ago when he invited me in for a free workout. He's former military special ops and now owns and runs the best paramilitary type workouts you can get. A tell first timers “Welcome to hell.”  But all jokes aside there's a great camaraderie and atmosphere, even a lot of humor. I'm 67 years old, one of the oldest members and I believe the two years I’ve done there has helped prepare me (despite a long family history of heart disease) to pass my recent nuclear medicine cardiac stress test with flying colors. I highly recommend Warrior Fitness for those who desire to push the limits in a great setting with the best trainer I've ever met.

12 - Adam.jpg


Paul is not only the most knowledgeable person I‘ve ever met when it comes to fitness, but he’s also the model of physical fitness. I've had the opportunity to train with Paul for little over a year and thought I was in solid physical shape when I started, so I went in pretty excited – and a bit overly confident (threw 5 times in my first workout and thought I was gonna die lol!). But Paul was super encouraging and within a few weeks doing great, and a few months, I reached levels of physical performance that I never thought possible for myself.  (minor tip—maybe don’t brag youre in great shape on your first day).

15 -Katie.jpg


Hi Warriors !!  When I started working with Paul I had reached a point where I knew I needed to make some changes, but I wasn't having the success I wanted on my own. Paul supported me through many injuries and helped me get my nutrition on track – and really was the catalyst for the first part of my journey.  Since then I’ve transformed my career as well to successfully helping others on their journeys of transformation too !  I know it can seem overwhelming, but transformation is possible !

16 - Mike.jpg


Paul has been a great resource for me.  A no-nonsense, no-hype operation.  Paul’s workouts and nutrition have been cutting-edge and highly effective.


17- JENNY - Back Extension.JPG

I travel constantly for work, from Australia and Europe to the U.S. Paul’s had an amazing ability to put all the pieces of health, nutrition, and working out together in a way that I can actually understand and accomplish ! What’s more impressive is I’ve been able to accomplish this with my hectic schedule and that Paul has been able to help me from there in California while I’m 10,000 miles away half the time. Without a doubt though, I can highly recommend anyone looking to improve their health to contact him.

18 - Sharlene.jpg


Warrior is amazing!  I eat so much healthier now and as a result have better muscle definition to show for it. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people in and out of work -- and just friends and family. Paul absolutely cuts you no slack with his workouts either, but I feel and think I look better than I ever have as a result.  

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