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After years of training peers one-on-one, the idea sparked to help masses of people reach their fullest potential through fitness. Paul started under the business name of “Elite personal training” with only a few people at a park. We started with 2 sleds, 2 battle ropes, 10 steel weights, and a burning desire to change people's lives through tough training. Slowly our park sessions grew from a few people to several individuals eager to level up their fitness journey. 3 years later - Warrior Fitness was born; in 2015 we opened our doors in North Fresno.
Since then we have helped hundreds of hungry individuals like yourself accomplish their fitness goals across the US. We are growing at an exponential rate, now striving towards adding to our Warrior Family by extending this unique opportunity online through remote training. 
We truly have it all here at Warrior Fitness - from bad ass classes, unique customized fitness, Spartan OCR training, old school boxing drills, endurance running club, Military Special Ops programs, and so much more. Tell us your goals and we will offer you genuine guidance and support through your fitness journey.
Warrior Fitness is not only about physical aspects of your body, our community members have the mentality and spirit of true Warriors!

About Warrior Fitness


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Naval Special Warfare vet, former D1 athlete, and gym owner Paul Watson has 25+ years of experience in the fitness world. He has decades of knowledge not only successfully coaching countless men and women at all levels of fitness, record beating hard core athletes, individuals within elite Military communities, award winning Spartan beasts, and so many awesome people along the way.


His #1 dedication is to the community of true Warriors based in Fresno CA and across the US. He is passionate about helping others achieve their goals through a realistic healthy lifestyle and fitness. He will believe you, push you, and make you slightly die during training.


The good type of death where you somehow come back asking for more, he calls this “FUN”!
“Paul's favirote QUOTE”


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