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Military & Special Ops Conditioning Training


Thank you for aspiring to join Military Special Ops!

I am confident in optimizing a customized results-driven specific training that will meet your military PFT. I have spent decades not only successfully coaching hard core athletes and countless men who are part of or training specifically for these elite communities of the military. You are looking at the most qualified mentor in the game!

Why Choose Us?

  • Naval Special Warfare Vet

  • D1 Athlete w/ sport

  • Accomplishments (such as Navy Diver)

  • # years of experience training others

  • #+ of athletes/military/first responders trained


In-Person & Remote Training

Location does not matter, Paul is committed to continuing serving our country by successfully working with athletes across the from any location.


​My Promise To You

I am honored to instill the sacrifice, determination, commitment, and well-rounded toughness it takes daily, not only through grueling physical training but also through mental mentorship. I am dedicated to be your full-time coach using years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to thoroughly detail an entire program tailored specifically for you.

Aligning Your Program

Your training may include but is not limited to the following:

  • High volume and complex calisthenic PT sessions

  • Hypoxic swimming

  • Drown-proof training

  • Ocean “finning”

  • Obstacle-course technique training

  • Ruck-sack training


If you’re genuinely serious and have the desire for one of the military special ops communities, Paul will get you where you need to be physically and we’d be honored to do so. Give us a call to get started!

Area’s of Expertise

  • Navy Seal enlisted and officer program

  • Army Rangers

  • Army Special Forces and Green Beret

  • Air Force Pararescue, CCT, and SERE

  • Marine Corps Force Recon

  • Marine Corps enlisted and officer program

  • Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer program. 

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