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 Advanced OCR Training

  • Expert Obstacle Coaches

  • Upper Body Obstacle Strength Training

  • Advanced Endurance Training

  • Weekend Trail Running Group 

  • Completely customized running program just for you 

  • Technique Instruction

  • Daily Customized Goal-Driven Training

  • 24/7 Access to All Equipment (including obstacles)

  • Realistic Nutritional Guidance

  • Train with successful Spartan Athletes


This is 100% DOABLE no matter your current level of fitness!​

  • Beginner: This is possible, we will guide you to be mentally and physically confident! We will teach you the strength and endurance needed to accelerate your new Spartan journey!

  • Elite: We will intensify your journey taking you to the next level by pushing you beyond your beliefs and developing your current abilities! 


We meet you exactly where you are at to work closely together towards your Spartan goals and dreams! 

  • Build speed and endurance

  • Neutralize lactic acid more effectively

  • Run further and faster

  • Recover sooner

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Injury Prevention


You are limitless and have what it takes to be a successful rough-terrain racing athlete. We exclusively invite you to experience the Warrior Spartan Athlete within you by joining us for strategic tough obstacle training. 

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